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Mokolodi Rhino Conservation
The overwhelming rhino conservation success story is that of the southern white rhino. With numbers as low as 50 left in the wild in the early 1900s, this subspecies of rhino was increased to over 20,000 and has become the most populous of all the rhino species. However there are concerns that the unprecedented rise in rhino poaching since 2008 may bring this species back into decline if the poaching is not reduced. As a direct result of the ongoing rhino poaching throughout the entire southern region, the threat to Mokolodi's rhino population is both real and considerable.

South Africa has reported to having 1003 rhino poached in 2013.

The Mokolodi Rhino Fund was established in 2012 and assists in enabling the Reserve to better manage its white rhino population and to ensure more regular monitoring of the Reserve's rhino. Mokolodi has a dedicated rhino monitoring and surveillance team which are in need of constant funding through operational equipment and staff, including the purchase/maintenance of a vehicle and employment of a minimum of three rangers to monitor our rhino on a daily basis.

Rhinos are generally poached for their horn and currently, most rhino horn is sent to the southeast and east Asia markets (mostly Vietnam and China) where it is used for traditional medicinal purposes. Within southern Africa, the number of rhino poached has hit alarming numbers over the past 6 years.

Contributing to the Mokolodi Rhino Fund, donors are able to make a real difference to management of the Reserve's white rhino population and can assist in ensuring that Mokolodi continues to contribute to the management and conservation of this species.

Mokolodi Rhino Fund - Donations
Should you wish to support the Mokolodi Rhino Fund through a donation, please use your name and "RHINO" as Reference and also email your details to us (administration@mokolodi.com). Donations can be made into the following account:

Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Industrial Branch, Gaborone Botswana
Account name: Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation
Account number: 62080409785
Branch code: 281-667
Swift code: FIRNBWGX
Reference: {YOUR NAME + RHINO)
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